Mister Minnow (4")(2/pack)

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the 4-inch 2/pack Canadian baits epic Swimbait is a big, soft plastic swimbait perfect for enticing big bass and other gamefish. Its unique paddle tail design delivers a deadly kicking action as the body slowly rolls, flashing its sides, and its baitfish profile and hook slot allow it to come through and around all types of cover without getting snagged, the high-quality soft plastic body is also extremely durable to withstand repeated strikes and still keep kicking. With molded 3D eyes that will fool seasoned predators!

how to rig: offset hook 4/0 -6/0 weighted or non

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Anderson
Pike love em

Great action with the paddle tail. Great color options. The toothy fish tear em up pretty quickly tho. I definitely recommend getting these even if they aren't the toughest bait out there. THESE DO CATCH FISH 👍🏼👍🏼

Torrence Davis
Best colors in the industry!

No one has color combos like Canadian Baits. This is what sets them apart from most bait manufacturers.

Adam Fraccaro
Great options

Informed Canadian Baits of the colours I wanted, they made them exactly how I asked! Couldn’t be happier!