HEY!! Have We Met Before? If Not I’m Eric Brett

I started this business in May 2020 in Mississauga where I have lived almost all my life. I started making baits for me and my buddies ... turns out I kind of  like it  it’s fun to be creative and make baits for friends and see them catch fish! it brings me joy knowing I made that!!

 Since starting we have poured pounds of plastic for dozens of local customers helping them catch BIG FISH on baits THEY customized!

 If you’re looking for lures you’re in the right place, I help anglers make baits they want to use!

Welcome to the rule breakers club – the official club for anglers who are ready for CUSTOM LURES !!

Custom - We know you got some kick ass ideas but how do you get it out on a bait  We are here to help for 1 on 1 experience - from start to finish.

Local - We are local company with knowledge of local lakes and fishing techniques.

Nothing But The Best - Ee use the highest quality plastic / 3D realistic eyes / non bleeding colours/ fine salt /premium scent.

Team Fun - My 1 rule is no rules! We like to have fun!! We encourage every to get involved as we grow our team and the wonderful group of people that support this venture.

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