Brush Dawg 4″ (6/pack)

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Need a real flipping bait?  Here it is, our floating plastic brush dawg is a versatile beaver-style bait with multiple applications.  The appendages detach for extra presence in the water.  This is also helpful when bed fishing, or using it on a Carolina Rig & Texas rig.  If you want to punch grass, keep the appendages attached and the bait is streamlined and ready to punch through the thickest cover!


Customer Reviews

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Wes Mattless
Quality bait to T-rig

Really good durability, great colours, good action in the water. I’ve used it on a Texas rig, but you could cut it down a bit to use as a jig trailer too.

Joel k
Deadly and Durable

This style bait rigged with a Tokyo rig has been my go to on my lake where the largies like to lurk in heavy cover. I tried these out instead of the regular big brand and I have to say, bravo! The quality, especially durability is great! They're definitely premium pieces that stand up to large aggressive fish (including pike teeth) as well as the thick cover that will inevitably grab onto baits. Tons of colorway options and the scent option is definitely strong.

The last thing I'll say is the owner has always been great to deal with. Personable and really cares about the baits he's putting out. I'll be rolling with him moving forward!

Big dawgs

These babies will work all day. Slide em on your hook, throw em out into the water and watch these dawgs dominate fish. You will see these dawgs bring you fish all day. Do not go predator fishing without em💪🏼

Bryson Garska
Brush dogs

Wicked baits, idk what it is but the plastic is strong and still has awesome movement that the fish can’t resist, I’ve only been fishing these for a couple months and have smashed eleven fish over 5 lbs on these! Would recommend to anyone!!

Go get outdoors
Punching baits

Now these baits are just like your regular beaver style baits, but instead of being super expensive and only lasting one fish, I was able to fish with the same one all day and hook 20+ fish with them and hook a few fish over 5 and yet they were still holding up, I will never be punching again without a few if these in the box of baits haha, anyways I would really recommend these baits if your looking for better quality in your fishing